Trustees & Staff

Washington Art Association & Gallery Staff

  • Barbara von Schreiber
    Executive Director
  • Ramsay Turnbull
    Development Director
  • Tricia Anderson
  • Carol Kallstron
  • Ginger Nelsen
2018 Board of Trustees
  • Peter Talbot
  • Elizabeth MacDonald
    Vice President
  • Dan Colton
  • Rich Pomerantz
  • Abdo Ballester - Trustee Emeritus
  • Maryellen Furse
  • Patricia Fogle
  • Anne Marie Foran
  • Bruce Glickman
  • Faith Stewart Gordon
  • Eliot Johnson
  • Stephanie Johnson
  • Pat Loeven
  • Zeb Mayer
  • Mark Mennin
  • Hugh O’Donnell
  • Guy Peterson
  • Barbara Hyde Talbot

Letter From the President

Dear Members,

2017 marked the 65th anniversary of the Washington Art Association & Gallery.

It is a privilege for WAA to carry on the tradition of more than six decades of enriching our community through the arts.

Across the years, WAA has risen to myriad challenges and thrived with the extraordinary commitment of generations of members and volunteers. We are saddened to have lost many of our longtime members and generous supporters, Tom Doyle, Louise King, Frances Owles, Georgia Middlebrook and Drika Purves.

I am honored to help lead WAA and effect significant positive changes within the organization. As a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, we face unique challenges and opportunities. Our hope is to build upon the strength of our rich history of fellowship and our shared dedication to fostering community engagement with culture.

Your support truly matters! I am thrilled to announce that the Washington Art Association & Gallery has entered the next phase of the proposed renovation of our landmark building in Washington Depot, CT. WAA’s renovation project is designed to bring a new level of openness to the existing building, improve WAA’s ability to engage the public, and showcase its exhibitions and studios. We hope to increasingly draw in residents and visitors to experience our 11 annual Exhibitions, Education programming (12- 17 classes a semester), and Events (5-15 a year).

The unique and beautiful plans by Gray Organschi (who designed the Hidden Valley suspension bridge) will improve WAA accessibility and present WAA as a beacon for the community at the end of Bryan Memorial Plaza.

As a nonprofit organization, the Washington Art Association & Gallery is self-supporting with income from our programming and membership fees. The upgrades to our building will ensure that we remain a vital and inclusive part of the community for another 65 years!

We are reaching out to our membership to get involved in new ways. Whether you volunteer your time to help us mount exhibitions, lend a hand with openings, or assist with preparation of our special events, your dedication to WAA is always needed and greatly appreciated! This year, we are stepping up our efforts to ensure the long-term fiscal health of WAA and we urge you to consider WAA for your gifts in 2018 and your future planning.

Let’s join together to honor our storied history so the Washington Art Association & Gallery may continue to thrive and grow for the benefit of generations to come! On behalf of the WAA Board of Trustees, our Executive Director, Barbara von Schreiber, our devoted volunteers and hardworking staff, thank you in advance for your generous support!

Peter Talbot, President
2015 - Present

Peter Talbot, President
Peter Talbot
Barbara von Schreiber, Executive Director
Barbara von Schreiber
Executive Director