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with Anthony Kirk

To coincide with Washington Art Association’s current exhibition Monoprint which surveys many ways in which unique one of a kind prints are made, Anthony Kirk will lead a one day workshop where participants will investigate several methods of printing monotypes. We will be printing with and without a press and also print from a freshly printed impression. Known as a counterproof, this enables the artist to see their print in the orientation that it was made on the plate and not the mirror image. Without reworking the plate with fresh ink, a second or “ghost” impression can be pulled. Usually a brush technique where ink is applied to the plate in an additive way, the ink can also be applied with rollers and then removed with rags and Q tips. This is known as a reductive monotype. Sometimes referred to as “the painterly print”, monotypes can also be a drawing process whereby a thin layer of ink is rolled on to the plate, paper is then laid over the plate and the artist draws on the paper. By varying the hand pressure and variety of drawing tools, ink is transferred to the paper. This technique is commonly known as transfer or trace monotype. Akua non-toxic inks and water soluble crayons will be used.
Clean up is with Dawn detergent and water making for a fume free studio.

Saturday March 28
10 am - 4 pm
$125 Materials extra

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