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Who the #$&% is Jackson Pollock

This film has been rescheduled for a later date TBD. Screening will take place in early 2018.  In this documentary, veteran filmmaker Harry Moses exposes the controversy and culture in the world of high priced artwork. When a 73-year-old former truck driver with an eighth grade education buys a thrift shop painting for five dollars, she has no idea that it would pit her against the highest and mightiest denizens of the art world. But when the painting in question might possibly be the work of American art icon Jackson Pollock and worth over $50 million, she's off on a rollicking adventure and a 15 year fight with the art world that paints a vivid picture of how art is bought and sold in America.  Meet the filmmaker! WAA is honored that Harry Moses will join us to talk about the film and answer questions from the audience.  

at WAA
Date TBD
1 hour, 14 minutes
Individual Film, $8