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Throughout the year, the Washington Art Association & Gallery hosts lectures by noted artists, curators and creative thinkers. We also host a variety of special events, including film screenings, benefit performances, parties, and fundraisers. Please check this page regularly to find out about ongoing opportunities to explore your artistic interests and interact with other members of Litchfield County's creative community.

Speaker Series

  • Speaker Series

    Braque:Picasso lecture

    Happy Hour Lecture Series: Braque and Picasso: The Battle of Cubism

    with Xenia Hodza

    “We were like two mountain climbers roped together,” said Braque about his and Picasso’s six-year search for cubism. The two men worked feverishly and met almost daily, exchanging studio visits, and coveting each other’s ideas. At a certain point, their work became almost indistinguishable. This talk looks at the sublime journey taken by Braque and Picasso and how and why it ended.

    Friday October 25
    5:30 pm - 7 pm
    $15 mbr $17 non-mbr

Workshops & Demos

  • Workshops & Demos


    Throw / Sculpt Workshop POSTPONED 2020 DATE TBA

    with Ann Mallory

    Who = All  wheel throwers who want to challenge + systematically expand their forming skills for the satisfaction of creating more compelling vessels or unique sculptures. Please be able to center, open and pull up 1 - 2 lbs of clay. This is not a speed or size contest, but participants will  benefit more if they are not overly struggling with the most basic throwing steps. We’ll be working about the size of a large coffee mug or cereal bowl.

    Ceramic artist Ann Mallory* is offering a skills focused weekend workshop. She has spent over 40 years forming clay on and off the potters wheel to create her large and small, indoor and outdoor, functional and non-functional pieces. Each student will have a potters wheel and will throw a series of forms to master architecturally important shapes for creating any vessel or sculpture. Shapes will be saved from each exercise for further assembly. Throwing shapes in a series of increasingly more complicated forms gives the artist a vocabulary of choices for how to execute any idea. These progressive throwing steps were the basis of the original Bauhaus ceramics program leading to a Masters in Ceramics.  A lot of technical demonstrations throughout as well as hands-on help.  

    Saturday is focused on wheel forming skills, Sunday is assembly, alteration and expansion of thrown forms using handbuilding techniques in the main art studio. Each participant will have a dedicated  wheel + 6’ table, 50 lbs of clay included …we’ll be making LOTS of work!

    Date TBD
    $250 mbr $280 non-mbr
    Class limit: 6
  • Workshops & Demos

    IMG 7242

    Pierre Bonnard’s Intimate Interior Landscapes (French, 1867 – 1947)

    with Karen Simmons

    In this one day workshop, we will explore Bonnard’s methods in his life long exploration of painting as a medium for expressing emotional recall and impact. The purpose of this workshop is not to paint a Bonnard painting, but to practice his methods of alternating perception and memory to arrive at a personal expression on canvas of a place, the objects and the people who inhabit it. We will work from a casual still life tabletop set up in a separate space, and explore through initial sketches and color notes,  working back and forth to a larger interior/still life canvas in the studio. We will also explore his use of both literal and emotional color. Bonnard’s paintings encourage us to look slowly, and discover in his paintings what he apprehended over time, the memories of each object, the peripheral visions of things, people and light. His process will be our inspiration.

    Sunday October 13
    9:30 am - 4 pm
    with a lunch break
  • Workshops & Demos

    Hodza Portait

    Fearless Oil Portraiture in Two Colors

    with Xenia Hodza

    Painting portraits can strike fear into the hearts of the best painters. Many beginners think they’re not “good enough” to even try.  It’s as if one wrong brushstroke is a deal breaker.  This workshop concentrates on the head alone.  Working in ultramarine, burnt sienna, and white, we will practice making a number of portraits - none of them finished, none of them precious - but all of them focused on building confidence, accuracy and speed.  From lobes to lashes, lips and lids, we will demystify the shapes and shadows that are typical of the human face. 

    Saturday October 19
    9:30 am - 4 pm
  • Workshops & Demos

    Unknown 1


    with Donald Florence

    INSPIRATION will be the focus of this workshop.  Don has been influenced and inspired by artists such as Walt Disney, Paul Cezanne, Henri Matisse, Richard Diebenkorn and Andy Warhol. Students will explore examples of their work and Don will share what he has learned from them.  

    Participants in the workshop can work in any medium they choose however, oil paint, for a 1 day workshop may be more challenging


    Saturday October 26
    10 am - 4 pm
  • Workshops & Demos

    Louise Bourgeois

    Bus Trip Dia: Beacon

    Monday November 11
    8:30 am - 5:30 pm
    $60 pp includes transportation & guided tour. Addmission seperate

Film Series

  • Film Series

    Van Gogh & Japan Image

    Van Gogh and Japan:The Untold Story of Van Gogh's art

    directed by David Bickerstaff

    An EXHIBITION ON SCREEN documentary, Van Gogh & Japan will be shown.  Though Vincent van Gogh never visited Japan it is the country that had the most profound influence on him and his art. One cannot understand Van Gogh without understanding how Japanese art arrived in Paris in the middle of the 19th century and the profound impact it had on artists like Monet, Degas and, above all, Van Gogh. 

    Visiting the new galleries of Japanese art in Paris and then creating his own image of Japan – through in-depth research, print collecting and detailed discussions with other artists – Van Gogh’s encounter with Japanese artworks gave his work a new and exciting direction. In this little known story of Van Gogh’s art we see just how important his study of Japan was.

    The film travels not only to France and the Netherlands but also to Japan to further explore the remarkable heritage that so affected Van Gogh and made him the artist we know of today.  Directed by Phil Grabsky. 1h 30 min. 

    This screening is co-sponsored with the Gunn Memorial Library.

    Sunday November 3
    2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
    Please register with the Gunn Memorial Library 860-868-7586
    Free and open to the public

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