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Megan Marden, Blocks I
"Do Not Pass Go: A show of emerging artists" curated by Zeb Mayer. March 4-April 1, 2017

The idea of making a living as an artist a difficult undertaking. Every year in the US over 100,000 people graduate from college with art degrees – often with crippling student loans. With approximately 6,500 art dealers and galleries in this country, an artist’s chance of getting noticed seems rather slim.

So what motivates people to make art? Why are people still willing to try to make art?

The drive to create is a uniquely human characteristic. The need to communicate is essential. Artists are driven by their response to what they observe. They are compelled to communicate that personal view.

The Washington Art Association & Gallery is pleased to encourage and showcase work by determined and committed visionaries in the exhibition,” Do Not Pass Go: A show of emerging artists.”

The show features work by Jacob Cullers, New London; Noé Jimenez, New Haven; Michael David Kozlowski, New Canaan; Megan Marden, Danbury; Zeb Mayer, New Milford; Ethan Newman, Hartford and Noah Steinman of Westport.

Each artist brings forth a diverse background of training, professional experience and voice to the creative process.

Thought provoking paintings, sculptures, and mixed media exploring mundane and extraordinary, social issues, current affairs – reactions to life.

"Do Not Pass Go: A show of emerging artists" is on view March 4- April 1, 2017

Washington Art Association & Gallery
4 Bryan Memorial Plaza
Washington Depot, CT 06794

washington art association, 4 bryan memorial plaza in washington depot, P.O. Box 173, ct 06794 • 860.868.2878
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