Monoprint 2020

Printers and Presses

March 7 - April 26, 2020

Monoprint means one, unique image. There may be variations of the image, but no two images are identical. Within this category are sub-categories such as monotype, for which no related series exists and trace monotype which is produced by an artist drawing on the back of a paper on an inked plate.  Monoprint 2020: - Printers and Presses explores artists, printers and presses who have explored the monoprint process in both its most modest and complex forms.  

The word “print” implies the advantage of creating multiple copies for a wide audience. What has made monoprinting so intriguing to artists of all periods is the possibility of further exploration – the answer to the “What if” ….if I changed the red to blue or took my thumb and smudged a contour and changing the space? This is the creative realm in which the artist’s imagination can’t resist playing. It is the ongoing adventure of continuing into the unknown and can be an adventure with less risk as the original- the matrix is not lost.  

In a recent address to the Center for Contemporary Printmaking, preeminent Master Printer Ken Tyler founder of Tyler Graphics, reminds us that from the earliest handprint on the wall of a cave to the imprint of a baby’s footprint at birth, printing has been and remains a basic, instinctual form of self-identity, self-expression and a profound documenting of human consciousness and existence. Equally intriguing is the artist’s wonder at the accidental possibilities that unpredictably arise as the print is pulled and an image revealed. The pressure used to create a printed image can be as simple as a hand caked with red clay, the back of a spoon or as complex as the layering of multiple images run through the most powerful and advanced printing press.  

With the development of modern technologies and the rise of highly sophisticated professional Presses and Master Printers, monoprinting has moved out of the cave and the artist studio to encompass a wide variety of new vocabularies, possibilities and collaborations. While self-published, individual artists continue to hold there own, the door to unlimited hybrid techniques and ideas has opened even as the value of any image remains not measured by either simplicity or complexity, but by the unique vision of the artist and its relevance to his/her times.  

Self-published artists, Printers and prestigious Presses have been selected by Curators John Thompson and Nancy Lasar. Many of these artists and printers have collaborated together for printing is often a communal experience whether it is several artists sharing a press or one enlisting the expertise of a Master Printer to better achieve their vision. Included among others are Center Street Studio, Mixit Studio, 10 Grand Press, VanDeb Editions, Wingate Studio and such artists as Robert Kushner, Catherine Kiernan, Charles Cajori, Liz Dexheimer, Paul DeRuvo and Robert Andrew Parker.  

 The Exhibition “Monoprint 2020: - Printers and Presses runs from March 7, 2020 through April 26 with an opening reception Saturday March 7, 2020 from 4-6 PM

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 7
4 pm - 6 pm