• WAA Entry

    The Washington Art Association & Gallery Building Renovation

    We are thrilled to announce that the Washington Art Association & Gallery has completed our new entry as part of Phase 1 of the proposed renovation of our landmark building in Washington Depot. 

    The inspired plans by Gray Organschi Architecture improves accessibility and presents WAA as a beacon for the community at the end of Bryan Memorial Plaza. WAA’s renovation project is designed to bring a new level of openness to the existing building, improve WAA’s ability to engage our community, and showcase our exhibitions and studios. 

    In 2017, our administrative offices received a much-needed upgrade. The installation of a new septic system was completed this fall. Construction of our new entry facing the Plaza is complete. Coupled with exterior signage on the WAA façade, the new ADA compliant entry highlights the building’s architectural features at night. 

    Financial commitments in the months leading up to the Phase One project have generated promising results, signifying broad community support for WAA’s vision and physically evident in upgraded administrative offices, installation of a new septic system, and a new entry. 

    We hope you’ll join us to build on 67 years of cultural involvement in our community and create a vibrant future for WAA! 

    To make a donation of any size to support the Washington Art Association & Gallery, please visit our Donation page or call (860)868-2878. Thank you!