Cajori C
Untitled, Charles Cajori, Monoprint

Monoprint 2020: Printers and presses

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March 7 - June 1, 2020

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The Washington Art Association is pleased to present “Monoprint 2020 – Printers and Presses”, an exhibition curated by John Thompson and Nancy Lasar on view March 7 through April 26.This exhibition has been extended due to COVID-19.

A monoprint is one unique image involving the transfer of ink onto a substrate or piece of paper by manualy rubbing or by running it through a printing press. “Monoprint 2020 – Printers and Presses” features artists, printers and professional presses who have explored the monoprint process in both simple and complex forms. 

Sub-categories of monoprint include monotype, trace monotype, ghost images and “unique” prints, but what has made this process so intriguing to artists of all periods are its accidents and the endless possibilities for experimentation.  New technologies and hybrid techniques continue to expand the monoprint into a fascinating realm where one can’t resist the opportunity to explore and “play”.  As preeminent master printer Ken Tyler has noted that from the earliest handprint on the wall of a cave to the imprint of a baby’s footprint recorded at birth, printing remains a basic, instinctual form of self-identity, self expression and a profound documentation of human existence through time. 

Represented in the exhibition, among others, are Center Street Studio Artists: James Stroud, John Walker, Mark Cooper, Marcus Linnenbrink, Carrie Moyer, Eltono, Eva Lundsager, Jeff Perrot and Janine Wong. From Mixit Print Studio: Catherine Kernan and Nona Hershey. From 10 Grand Press: Liz Dexheimer and Hanneline Rogeberg. From VanDeb Editions: Nancy Cohen. From Oehme Studios: Sue Oehme, and Deborah Freedman. From Wingate Studio: Robert Kushner, Robin Cameron, Deborra Stewart Pettengill, Daniel Rios Rodriguez and Sara Greenberger Rafferty. From CCP Paul DeRuvo, Meaghen Morrow, Chris Shore, Bill Jacklin and  Charles Cajori. Anthony Kirk Editions: Anthony Kirk, Malcolm Campbell Moran,  and Eric Aho.  And several self-published artists such as Robert Andrew Parker, Deborah Weiss, Liz Surbeck Biddle, Barbara Grossman, Zemma Mastin White, Yvette Drury Dubinsky, Vicky Tomayko, Valentina DuBasky,  David Row, John Thompson, David Bligh, Carolyn Muskat, Catrina Coelho, Donald Kelley, Stephan Haley, Kevin Whitman, Patrick Casey, and Sophia Issak.