Dudley Zopp and Susan Finnegan
Dudley Zopp and Susan Finnegan

Side by Side

Process and Collaboration

July 7 - August 4, 2018

Selected works by:

Joseph Byrne / John Willis Dudley Zopp / Susan Bogle Finnegan

This summer exhibition brings together two pairs of artists where collaboration has been a significant part of their process and has influenced their individual work. Willis’ and Byrnes’ collaboration has involved exchange of each others work, “living” with the pieces, and  ultimately meeting to share in-depth dialogue.

Zopp’s and Finnegan’s year long collaboration took place when they both lived in Louisville, Kentucky. Their process involved “dialogues” on large format drawing paper using various drawing materials and eventually paint. They purposefully eliminated any verbal exchange and developed a system of investigation.

These collaboration experiences have been ways to access valuable insights into the artists' working process and are useful couterpoints to the solitary artist in the studio.

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 7
4 - 6pm