Bou X Common Starling
Xavi Bou, Ornitography 170# Sturnus vulgaris , Common starling, Ebro Delta, Catalonia

Bye, BYe Birdie

May 2 - June 14, 2020

Washington Arts Association in Washington, CT. is pleased to present Bye, Bye, Birdie an exhibition curated by Karen Simmons and Hugh O’Donnell. This exhibition, timed with the annual return of many of our beloved migratory birds, will illuminate the vulnerable beauty of America’s avian population. 

There are 3 billion fewer birds than in 1970, a decrease of over 30% in 50 years.  This decline affects all birds, not just those considered endangered. The causes are widespread, including climactic change, deforestation, pesticides in agriculture, and the encroachment of human development on nesting and migratory routes.

Birds are delicate and frail but also capable of feats of endurance in their migratory journeys. They are literally “the canary in the coal mine” to make us aware of the damage we are inflicting on our environment. The artists in this show all express, in ways greater than words, the wonder that birds evoke, and the importance of their survival.   

There will also be a number of accompanying workshops, lectures, and bird oriented activities for families. Our thanks to the Southbury Audubon, the Livingston Ripley Preserve, and the Hotchkiss School for the loan of their Audubon prints.

Participating artists: John Jay Audubon, Xavi Bou, Leila Daw, Katie Lee, Elizabeth MacDonald, Banjie Nicholas, Irene Hardwicke Olivieri, Tim Prentice,  Jon Reideman.

Opening Reception: Thursday, April 2
4 pm - 6 pm