Celebrating Success: Washington Art Association Shines at the Biennial International Footprint Competition

Scott Bricher AwareII 12x12 2024 monotype
Mary Terrizzi Alnilam 12x12 2022 Monotype
Arlynn Abseck 
Welcome 12X12 
2024 Linocut
Arlynn Abseck Welcome 12X12 2024 Linocut

The Washington Art Association (WAA) is thrilled to announce that several of our talented students and instructors have been accepted into the prestigious 2024 Biennial International Footprint Competition. This recognition is a testament to the exceptional creativity and dedication of our artists who continue to push the boundaries of printmaking.


Among the acclaimed works accepted into the exhibition are “Alnilam” by Mary Terrizzi and “Aware II” by Scott Bricher. Both pieces are 12x12 monotypes that exemplify the intricate and evocative nature of monotype printmaking. Mary and Scott, both esteemed members of our Education Department, have once again showcased their ability to capture complex emotions and narratives through their prints.


We are also excited to highlight a new addition to our list of accepted artists, Arlynn Abseck, whose linocut titled “Welcome” has also been chosen for the exhibition. Arlynn’s 12”x12” linocut is a brilliant example of the craft and brings a fresh perspective to the traditional art form, enriching the diversity of works represented by the WAA at the competition.


This year’s competition was highly competitive, and the acceptance of these works speaks volumes about the quality of education and mentorship provided at WAA. We are also proud of Joan McFarlane, whose two prints were accepted, highlighting her unique artistic vision.


In a conversation with Tony Kirk, a prominent figure in the art community and a passionate advocate for our artists, he expressed great pride in the success of our participants. Tony emphasized the importance of community recognition and the motivational boost it gives our artists.


The WAA is committed to fostering an environment where artists can thrive and explore their creativity. We believe that successes like these not only enhance the individual artist’s career but also elevate the entire art community.


We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Mary, Scott, Joan, Arlynn, and all the other artists who participated. Their hard work and dedication continue to make WAA a vibrant hub for artistic expression.