Interpreting Still Life with Karen Simmons

Postponed until summer session

8 Weeks 

Limit 10 Students

First Class Starts Monday, April 8th. The following Classes are on Sundays and Mondays

Mondays will be 9 am -12 pm, Sundays 1pm to 4pm.


Sunday 14 th – Monday 15th 

Sunday 28 th – Monday 29th 


Sunday  5th – Monday 6th 

Last Day is Monday May 20th


An exploration of still life through the lens of both modern, contemporary and historical work
Still life allows the artist to look carefully, intensively even, and take the time to find the beauty , poetry and meaning in common objects.

Historically, artists have used still life compositions as a vehicle for symbolism and meaning, as a demonstration of skill, or as a spring point for an exploration of color, composition and paint, sometimes all of the above. In this contemporary studio, we will look at all these traditions, learn from them, and reinterpret into our own expression. We will specifically look at composition and perspective from both historical and modern and abstract examples

At each class, we will start by looking at examples of still lives by other artists, both modern and traditional, and then work on our individual interpretations.There will be pre-set still lives to work from, based on the examples we have just looked at, or you can structure your own.

This is a class open to all levels, and goals. It is about what we choose to see and show, and how we can share our experience through two dimensional art. The class is limited to 12 people and there will be plenty of time for individualized conversations and assistance. We will have a supportive discussion/critique at the end of class.

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In this class, I propose to start with a rough sketch, (or several ) of the setup you are proposing to work with, so bring a sketch pad, as well as at least two canvasses (or appropriate paper if you plan to work on paper), of a size that you are comfortable with. This is typically an oil painting class, but I am open to any medium you like.