Lessons from the Masters | With Patty Fogle


Thursdays 1:00-4:00 pm

8 weeks | Limit 8 Students

Thursday April 4th – May 23rd.

Surprise yourself! Follow the drawing marks and brushstrokes of a Master artist of your choice.  Using a Still Life, Landscape, Portrait or Figure from the past or present, you’ll see how a masterwork evolves from initial drawing to a fully developed painting from the ground up.  It’s been a sound source of art training in ateliers over the ages and will likewise raise the level of your own artwork.
This logical path with charcoal & oil paint increases your confidence without having to make composition and color decisions. Then you may choose to add the style you copied into your next masterful painting.
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Materials for Lessons from the Masters
Paint:  Highly recommend Gamblin, or Winsor Newton.
Oils:  Titanium White, Hansa Yellow Medium (Gamblin) or Winsor Yellow, Alizarin Crimson, & Ultramarine Blue.  Large tubes: 150 ml.
All colors are mixed from the Primaries: Yellow/Red/Blue + White.
Medium: Gamsol (nontoxic).


Brushes:  Filberts (most versatile) — #s 8, 10, & 12.
Palette: 12 x 16” Wood palette —  with 4 coats of quick-dry polyurethane — to see color
correctly on mid-tone and for easy cleanup.
Palette knife:  Medium (T20/Creative Mark).
Canvases: small/medium/large, i.e. 11×14” – 12×16” – 16×20” – 20×24”
Toned with neutral mid-tone.
Drawing Paper: Strathmore Bristol Bright White/100# Paper/11×14” & 19×24”
Charcoal: Soft Vine with kneaded eraser.
Note Pad/Pencil: Class notes.
Other:  Plastic wrap, paper toweling.


  For Master Copy Painting:  Good reproduction to see brushstrokes.