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Pierre Bonnard’s Intimate Interior Landscapes. (French, 1867 – 1947)

with Karen Simmons

 In this one day workshop, we will explore Bonnard’s methods in his life long exploration of painting as a medium for expressing emotional recall and impact. The purpose of this workshop is not to paint a Bonnard painting, but to practice his methods of alternating perception and memory to arrive at a personal expression on canvas of a place, the objects and the people who inhabit it. We will work from a casual still life tabletop set up in the front gallery/entry at WAA, and explore through initial sketches and color notes,  working back and forth to a larger interior/still life canvas in the studio. We will also explore his use of both literal and emotional color. Bonnard’s paintings encourage us to look slowly, and discover in his paintings what he apprehended over time, the memories of each object, the peripheral visions of things, people and light. His process will be our inspiration.