Gongfu Cha Tea Workshop Presented by Will Talbot of Bell Hill Pottery


4 Day Intensive Gongfu Cha Tea Workshop | 6 Seats Available

Intermediate/Advanced (no beginners)

Members $200 Non-Members $240

We will develop your own style of teapot, this does not have to fit the traditional round shape you may associate with a teapot. The teaware that goes along with the pot does not have to match. Be creative!

This is not a workshop only about the teaware but it is about the tea as well. Tea bags are the norm in the United States but they don’t have to be. There will be a discussion about oolong, puerth, black, white and green teas. The last day of the workshop will consist of tasking with the teas out of everyone’s work. We will talk about the source of the tea.

Gongfu Cha (literally, “Kung Fu Tea”) is a Chinese term that refers to a traditional style of drinking tea that consists of a miniature teapot (75ml-150ml), a fairness pitcher, 2-3 cups and a tea tray to perform the “tea ceremony”on.

The idea of the fairness pitcher is to give all drinkers the same level of steep from the tea. This style of drinking is about mindfulness and experiencing the tea and your surroundings versus just getting caffeine.

Day One |  Saturday April 6th 10am – 2pm

Throwing the teapot, cups and tea tray (this can be hand built)

Day Two | Sunday |April 7th 12pm – 3pm

Trimming of the forms and putting teapot together

Day Three | Saturday| April 13th 10am-1pm


Day Four | Sunday |April 14th 2pm-4pm

Critique of work and using pots in their intended way.


Will Talbot @ Bell Hill Pottery Workshop

Will Talbot is one of the founding members of the Clay Way Studio Tour, which is a yearly pottery event in CT/NY. He was mentioned as one of the 15 finest ceramic artists from Medium Magazine in 2022.




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